Who we are

Everyday, millions of people around the globe buy products baked with cultures and yeast produced by Lallemand Inc.

In recent years, this family owned business has become a world leader in the field of microorganisms.

We are proud to deliver high quality bacteria and yeast to ensure consistently baked bread around the world. Specific bacteria and yeast strains are continuously selected to improve our customer products; we live the philosophy of Co-operation Spells Success.

Our technical support, knowledge and expertise in the baking industry are our strengths. Our collaborative efforts help businesses  succeed.


Antoine Chagnon

President & CEO Lallemand Inc.









The Lallemand Baking Solutions Team are enthusiastic bakers which believe in good bread making. Together with internal and external experts, we offer innovative solutions to bakers, exploring the art and science of baking in our products and processes…our way of making your daily bread a little better!

The Lallemand Baking Solutions Team