Starter cultures

It was during the post war period when bread quality became a priority again. The Danish bread industry explored bread flavour development with the use of sourdough. Florapan cultures were developed to help bakers to secure stable sourdough production. This allowed bakers to avoid the complex back-slopping process and go directly to the final sourdough.

Florapan® starter cultures are based on single cultivated microorganism strains which have been produced under a controlled fermentation process. This pure strain culture approach eliminates mutation risks and variations to ensure consistent and stable fermentation quality repeatedly. Using Florapan cultures in a single fermentation step ensures more predictable fermentation flavour and timing, delivering successful results with different productions.

Lallemand Baking Solutions also offer bacteria in combination with aromatic yeast for an unique and well-rounded bread flavour. This product range is specially selected for their ability to produce organic acids and aroma compounds to deliver a unique sourdough flavour to the baked bread products. The added benefit is a product with a well defined acidity note and improved crumb structure. Lowering the pH of baked bread will also improve the shelf-life of the bread.


Benefits using Florapan starter cultures in your production:

  • Consistent quality for your own made sourdough
    • One step fermentation or traditional multiple steps.
    • All kind of traditional sourdoughs possible: Detmolder-1; 2; or 3-step rye sourdough, French levain, Italian poolish, San Francisco type sourdough etc
    • Industrial liquid fermentation
  • Natural and easy way to differentiate bread quality
  • Following the trends: Tradition, artisanal style and clean label
  • A cost effective way to make your own unique sourdough
  • Non-gmo, gluten-free, kosher
  • Powdered Products

Bread Quality Benefits:

  • Your own independent bread quality with high differentiation in the market
  • Authentic and artisanal style product type
  • Great quality breads bringing bread enjoyment
  • Natural and clean label products
  • Improved texture and flavor
  • Broad product portfolio with differentiation in flavor
  • Increased shelf life
  • No compromise in quality

From our experts:

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Florapan® L62K

  • Well-balanced lactic/acetic acid profile
  • For a stronger flavor profile
  • Yeast free baking possible
  • Industrial liquid fermentation systems

Florapan® LA4K

  • Independent and well rounded flavor
  • Right ratio of acetic to lactic acid in a single step fermentation
  • Developed for a broad application: rye sourdough, French levain, Italian polish, Portugese fermento
  • Controlled and safe fermentation process
  • Adjusted to industrial liquid fermentation systems

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Florapan® L77K – the fast one


  • Fast fermentation, highest acidity value already after 5-6h
  • Improve dough rheology
  • Mild lactic acid profile, no acetic acid
  • No overflowing: limited gas production

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Florapan® L73K – the traditional one


  • High acidity after 12h – 16 hours
  • Mild lactic acid profile
  • Typical Mediterranean profile or Sandwich Bread production

From our Experts: The mild acid works well in rich sugar and fat formulations.
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