Aromatic yeast

Florapan® Aromatic Yeasts

Special strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae have been selected for their sensory characteristics in bread production. Florapan® aromatic yeasts can be used in all types of bread processes including straight dough.  Best results are be obtained in preferment processes such as bulk or sponge fermentations. Flour contains the precursors of aromas, which can be revealed through the action of enzymes that are produced by our specially selected yeasts.


Benefits using Florapan aromatic yeast in your sponge system:

  • Higher dough yield
  • Better dough development
  • Dry and smooth dough
  • Better processing and machinability
  • Low dosage: 0.5% – 1% on sponge-flour
  • Fermentation time: from straight to long sponge fermentation

Benefits using Florapan yeast in a straight dough:

  • High flexibility in differentiated products
  • Unique aroma development
  • Production of seasonal or regional products with differentiated flavors
  • Small batches
  • No extra preferment system needed.

Bread Quality Benefits

  • Your own unique premium bread quality
  • High quality breads with high differentiation potential
  • Improved crumb texture
  • Improved crust development in particular for par-baked products
  • Premium quality proposal
  • Artisan style taste and texture product
  • Improved mouthfeel
  • Traditional and artisanal style products

From our experts: How the fermentations process influences the bread flavour.
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Florapan® A16

Clean and delicate bread flavor
Slow fermentation
Low gas production
Dough tolerance
Perfect for chilled/retarded dough concepts

Florapan® A17

Well-rounded bread flavor
Enhances the original bread flavor
Goes well in all kind of bread products and fine pastry
Significant effect in straight dough processes

Florapan® A18

Independent and outstanding bread flavor
Differentiation from the standard
Goes well in Mediterranean products such as baguette, ciabatta, focaccia or German Kaiser-/crusty rolls
Significant effect in straight dough processes