Inactive yeast is a natural dough conditioner for improving dough extensibility, machinability and reducing mixing time.
Fermaid® inactive yeasts reduce the tendency to tear of the dough surface and shrinkage when molding and sheeting the dough. Fermaid® also improves the crumb texture and pore structure without compromising in bread flavor.

At Lallemand we are producing Fermaid® by fermenting a specific baker’s yeast strain which is then dried and deactivated.


Fermaid® can be used for flour treatment or either in a wide range of bakery applications, including pizza dough, tortilla, baguettes, bread, rolls, pastry dough, laminated dough, bagels, pretzels, Melba toast, rusks, etc.

The Glutathion (GSH) is the active compound of inactive yeast. It act as an relaxing agent by breaking the bi-sulfite bond.


Benefits of Fermaid®:

  • Improves dough machinability: improvement of dough extensibility
  • Shape optimization of final product: avoid shrinkage in croissant, Danish pastry, pizza and tortillas.
  • Label friendly: L-Cysteine replacer
  • Saves energy costs: reduced mixing time up to 20%

Our product range :

Fermaid SR: medium GSH concentration; dosage level from 0.1 and 0.25 % on flour weight.
Fermaid SSR: high GSH concentration; dosage level from 0.05 and 0.15 % on flour weight.

Fermaid® inactive yeasts are:

Clean Label