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Spelt bread with unique bread flavor

A combination of Florapan® L62 and A17 covers the typical bitterness of spelt and delivers a delicious bread flavor.

wheat-mixed bread with sourdough fermented with Florapan® Starter Cultures

With Florapan® L 62 for an intensive bread flavor.

With Florapan® LA4 for an broad bread flavor.

Rye-mixed bread with sourdough fermented with Florapan®

Rye-mixed bread with Florapan® Starter Cultures:

Florapan® L62 for an intensive sourdough.

Florapan® LA4 fermeted sourdough delivers a broad acidity note.

Fine pastry with Florapan® Aromatic Yeast with sponge & dough system

Different flavor direction based on different Florapan® Yeast.

Florapan® A16 give a slight acid touch with a fresh note

Florapan® A17 enhances the yeast and sweet flavor and gives an unique broad flavor.

Fine pastry with Florapan® A 17 and L73 with sourdough

Very nice and unique yeast flavor in combination with a mild acid coming from lactic acid. The lactic acid support the milky and creamy note of the fine pastry products.

Brioche with Florapan® Aromatic Yeast

Fine pastry products with new flavor experience made in a straight dough process. Not only for Brioche also croissants, Danish and other fine pastry products.

Ciabatta with Florapan® A17

Ciabatta style bread in straight dough process with unique yeast flavor.

Batard with Flroapan® L 73

Turkish Batard with nice mild flavor.

Boule with Florapan® LA4 or L62

Artisanal bread with intensive and rounded flavor.

Baguette with Lallemand Vitamin D-Yeast

Rustic Baguette with Lallemand Vitamin D-Yeast.

Baguette with Florapan® A18 retarded dough

Unique bread flavor with a creamy and milky note.

Baguette recipe with Florapan® A17 retarded dough

Baguette with a unique broad bread flavor.

Process: sponge & dough with a retarded storage step.